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About TaxRebateProvided

At TaxRebateProvided we have a clear vision - help thousands of individuals each year claim a BIG tax refund. This is done by reclaiming overpaid tax (i.e. tax rebate or tax refund). If you’re seeking a hassle free tax refund, look no further!

Each year millions of people in the UK overpay tax, meaning they will be due a tax refund. Our job is to reclaim YOU the maximum tax refund, in the quickest possible time. We deal with HMRC directly, so all you have to do is sit back & wait for your tax refund to arrive, read more »

Tax Rebate

Checked your payslip lately? Many employees are surprised to learn that they are in fact owed a tax rebate. Thousands of UK residents simply don't realise that they are overpaying HMRC every year and there are a number of reasons why these superfluous outgoings go unnoticed. You could be on the wrong tax code, for example, resulting in a larger percentage of your wage being retrieved than is necessary.

Similarly, if your yearly wage sits at less than the government's current tax free threshold yet you know for a fact you have been paying tax, it may be time to organise your tax refund forms by giving Tax Rebate Provided a call!

Claim A Tax Refund

Whatever your personal circumstances, Tax Rebate Provided can help you claim a tax refund if you believe you're eligible to claim tax back on your earnings. We'll deal with the tax office on your behalf and manage tax refund forms directly, keeping you informed about our progress at every stage of the claim. Our company is accredited as an agent of HRMC and we are also registered under the Data Protection Act, demonstrating that our tax rebate service is professional, honest and completely secure.

Ever wondered how to claim a tax refund and what's involved in the process? We'll make the entire experience as pain-free as we can and recover your lost earnings as fast as we possible. Our team are more than happy to take you through how to claim a tax refund, as there may be additional information or documentation you need to provide depending on your situation. Check out our FAQs section if you want to learn more about the criteria you need to meet to claim tax back.

Claim Tax Back

Claim tax back with Tax Rebate Provided – it really couldn't be easier. We make the entire procedure as quick and efficient as humanly possible and we always ensure that our customers receive the maximum refund available to them. We're certain that we offer the lowest fees in the UK to those looking to claim tax back and, if you eventually discover that you're not owed a tax rebate after all, you won't be charge any service fees whatsoever. It's a win-win situation!

Tax Refund Forms

We can also arrange CIS tax refunds for eligible self-employed construction workers who need to fill out a self-assessment tax return form in order to get their money back. Organising all your tax refund forms can sometimes involve lengthy administrative procedures, and the average freelance worker simply cannot spare the time to deal with the mountains of paperwork involved in making such a claim.

Our team can take the hassle out of putting together your tax refund forms and, best of all, will only charge you once you have actually received the money you are owed, meaning you lose nothing if your claim is unsuccessful for any reason. We are one of the only companies in the UK offering such a guarantee so give us a call to discuss how we can help you claim a tax refund today.

We can help with the following:

  • CIS tax refunds
  • Tax returns
  • PAYE (standard) tax rebates
  • Leaving the UK
  • Expense claims
  • Emergency tax refunds

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Are You Due a Tax Refund?

You are almost certain to be eligible for a tax rebate if in the last 4 years:

  • You only worked for part of the year
  • You have been on the wrong tax code
  • You are leaving the UK
  • You have claimed Job seekers allowance 1 or more times whilst being out of work
  • You work in the construction industry scheme
  • You have been paying tax but earning under the tax free threshold (currently at £10,000 a year)
  • You have travelled to temporary work sites/places. Reclaim for business travel.

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Why Choose Tax Rebate Provided?
  • Lowest fees in the UK
  • No Refund, No Fee service
  • Average tax rebate is currently over £900+
  • Free advice and guidance
  • Fast turnaround times
  • No upfront fees ever
  • Regular updates given
  • Guarantee a successful claim if you're due a tax refund
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